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Nfs cache size

The mds_cache_reservationparameter replaces the mds_health_cache_thresholdin all situations except when MDS nodes sends a health alert to the Monitors indicating the cache is too large. By default, mds_health_cache_thresholdis 150% of the maximum cache size. Be aware that the cache limit is not a hard limit.

A cache miss means that a disk I/O may be needed to read the directory when traversing the path name components to get to a file. A hit rate of less than 90 percent requires attention. Cache hit rates can significantly affect NFS performance. getattr, setattr, and lookup usually represent greater than 50 percent of all NFS calls.

Now see the performance impact by using different options/behavior to cache file attribute on a NFS mount (client side). II.1. NOAC option. Stolen from the NFS man page. NOAC: Use the noac mount option to achieve attribute cache coherence among multiple clients. Almost every file system operation checks file attribute information.

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. For file-based SRs, such as NFS and EXT3/EXT4 SR types, read-caching is enabled by default. Read-caching is disabled for all other SRs. To disable read caching for a specific SR by using the xe CLI, run the following command: ... Set the read cache size on ALL hosts in the pool individually for optimization. Any subsequent changes to the size.

Right-click the directory and click Properties. Select the NFS Sharing tab. Under the NFS Sharing tab, click the Manage NFS Sharing button. Check the Share this folder check box. Enter a name into the Share name text field. This will be used when a user connects to your NFS share. Click the Permissions button.

The default is 0. Before making any changes to the setting, evaluate its effect on system file cache grow. RdWrNfsHandleLifeTime: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NfsServer\Parameters\RdWrNfsHandleLifeTime: The default is 5. Appropriately set it to ensure optimal control of the lifetime of NFS cache..

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